About our phone cases

incredibly smooth to touch.

for the past 3 years, we've been obsessing over how our mobile cases should feel to the touch, and it makes us extremely proud to tell you that we're finally satisfied with what we have now. our mobile cases feel smoother than a well-moisturized baby's bum. you bet.

form, fit and finish up to the mark.

all our mobile cases are strenuously checked for the perfect form and fit, both in hand and on the device. there will be no spaces between the phone and the case for debris to collect, or for the phone to dance inside.

ever lasting modern printing procedures.

when it comes to printing, we are as pesky as an overly obsessed mother getting her child ready for school. we've put together a series of procedures and techniques to render artworks with extreme detail and depth in colour. you'll either fall in love with them, or you'll fall in love with them. no other ways.